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A three-year program for creative dancers



The program targets creative individuals who wish to research what a contemporary dancer is and what contemporary dance is; those who wish to develop their creative space together with other artists, to enhance a thinking body into the creation of another artist and a personal work of art. 

All applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age. 

The three-term school year will run from October to July.

In each term, students will both participate as dancers in a piece by a guest choreographer, and develop themselves as independent artists through different classes and workshops, theoretical research and artistic guidance for their personal work.


AUDITION for the full/partial program!
Friday 12/07/19
Audition fee: 50 NIS
HaBoostan Home for Theater and Dance 
Hatzoran 1, Netanya
To apply, please send your CV and photo to:



RE-SEARCH International Exchange Program


The “RE-SEARCH International Exchange Program” invites international dancers to join for one trimester (3 months) the first year Professional training Program (A two-years full professional program).

The program targets creative individuals who wish to research what a contemporary dancer is and what contemporary dance is; those who wish to develop their creative space together with other artists, to enhance a thinking body into the creation of another artist and a personal work of art.


-The program runs 5 days a week Sun-Thu 09:00-15:30/17:00, occasionally extra hours will be scheduled for personal or group work.
-The program and classes are conducted both in Hebrew and English.
-Optional trimester dates: October-December 2018 / January-March 2019.
-The program can not provide an official "Student Visa", all required arrangements regarding the arrival and stay must be taken care of by applicant. Supporting papers will be given in case needed.

First Trimester: October-December

Second Trimester: January- March


How to apply:

Applicants will be considered by a video audition and a SKYPE interview.

To register, send your CV,2 Photos, 2 video links and a motivation letter to:

Application fee: 12 euros, request will be sent separately.

Deadline for application for first Trimester: 01/07/19

Deadline for application for second Trimester: 01/09/19 


Costs for participants: 1300 euro.


1. Classes for Physical Enhancement


- Contemporary Dance

Classical Ballet


– Yoga

Movement: The Ilan Lev Method

- Contact Improvisation

-Axis Syllabus

-Israeli and International Repertoire


2. Guest Choreographer


Three choreographers are selected to create a short piece for the students (30 minutes max.)

Each guest choreographer will spend a complete term – 12 classes – working toward a new piece.

Former Guest Choreographers: Sahar Azimi, Maya Levy and Anando Mars, Shlomit Fundaminsky, Doron Raz, Maya Briner, Nava Frenkel, Or Marin and Oran Nachum, Michal Mualem and Giannalberto de phillipis, Stav Marin and Neta Weiner. 

3. Workshops


During each term the students will attend different workshops (5 classes max. in each series)

Former Workshops:

From Theory to Practice, The Art of Butoh Dance, Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor,

Anat Katz and Erez Maayan, Yasmeen Godder, Iris Erez, YOU MAKE REMAKE- Renana Raz, Lee Meir, Uri Shafir, May Zarchi, Yossi Berg & Oded Graff, Text and Voice, Michal Nualem and more.


4. Theater/Acting


Each term will include 12 acting classes with an alternating teacher 

– Principles of Acting

Physical Theater

Movement Theater



5. Artistic Mentoring


Students will work on a solo work/group work (duet and up) under the artistic guidance of Or Marin and Oran Nachum. These works will be performed at the end of the school year as part of the RE-SEARCH Festival.



6. Art Theory


Two hours of theory in each term, a total of 8 sessions with one of the following lecturers:

– Dance History

History of Contemporary Music 

Philosophy of the Arts

-Videodance and cinema


-Writing Dance (critics)

-Call For artists and applications


*Once per trimester, enrolled students will receive personal treatments in the Ilan Lev method with Oran Nachum. The treatment supports body maintenance and helps prevent injuries and pain by enhancing one’s physical capabilities and breaking both physical and mental patterns.




Each year, Re-Search’s residency program gives three choreographers an opportunity to receive a work space (studio/stage) for a period of three months. During their residence period, the choreographers create a new piece and share their work process with the program’s students.

Re-Search is a two-year program for dance artists.

The students enrolled in our full-time program attend classes for five days a week. They engage in physical, stage and creative research and participate in technique classes, work with choreographers, acting classes, theory and workshops with our diverse and fascinating faculty. Alongside this full-term program, we now also offer an integrated residency program. We invite choreographers with prior experience to join us in research for a new work. Research will be conducted alongside the educational program, as the process and its results will be shared with students. 



Artists in residence will receive:

  • A studio for rehearsals up to 4 mornings a week – 12/8 meters, equipped with mirrors, a wooden floor and a music system

  • A stage for rehearsals – each choreographer will have several days (in accordance with school curriculum) to assembly their lighting/set on stage

Specs: The modular theater hall can host up to 160 spectators. It is equipped with music and lighting systems, and lighting and sound controls (lighting operator/technician at additional charge)

  • Performances:

 - A stage for an intimate performance at the end of the residency period

 - A full-length performance of the works created by all three resident choreographers at the Boostan Theater in July 2016, with a 70/30 revenue share.

 - A full-length performance of the works created by all three resident choreographers at Mahsan 2 in Jaffa in July 2016, with a 70/30 revenue share.

  • Artistic Guidance 

Choreographers may request artistic consulting from Or Marin and/or Oran Nachum, who will be happy to accompany the work in process.

  • Free use of kitchen and balcony – coffee, fridge, microwave oven, smoking zone



Resident Artists will share:

  • Three open rehearsals with the students enrolled in Re-search’s full program, one at the end of each month:

  • At the end of the first month, the initial ideas behind the work/references/thoughts/music will be presented verbally and discussed with the students.

  • At the end of the second month, segments from the movement/theatrical research will be demonstrated and discussed.

  • At the end of the third month, the choreographers will open a lighting/stage rehearsal with the students, followed by a discussion.

  • A Workshop – The choreographers will host a three hour long workshop, in which they will examine some of the ideas and materials as part of their artistic research process.

  • A New Work – At the end of the residency period, the choreographers will present a new piece (about 20 minutes long). It will be performed, together with the works of the other participating artists, in the summer of 2016.



Applications should include:

  • A CV

  • A short description of the work you wish to develop as resident artists

  • Links to videos of two previous works

  • A short description of a suggested workshop in your field of research

  • Your preferred residency period (please provide two options, by order of preference)

    • October-November-December 2016

    • January-February-March 2017

    • April-May-June 2017


Applications should be sent to 





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